Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

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Daisy Mae's Bazaar

The stars of Daisy Mae's Bazaar came out of a Batman/White Wolf/ Rhy'Din RP group on AOL from about 1997-2002, Arlecchina's Tavern. There were a couple characters that existed before but Moki is the only one in the current cast from before my time playing with that group. Everyone else came through the course of playing Arle's Tavern, which had espers, Malkavian vampires, vampire-demons, pookas, nockers, a couple actual humans and Faygo. It is also had Toons...which were my contribution to the Tavern's unqiue flavor. The Tavern itself grew out of a purely Batman RP and spun out of control from there but always was set in Gotham. I miss it and all the people. Anyway, Dasiy Mae's isn't set in said city for obvious reasons, and isn't really related universe wise to it. We at Arle's did make a go of making a comic out of our misadventures online. We got a first script a cover and the first few pages done before petering out. I had wanted to do my own comic strip but I owe a lot of character design and concept to those people and times. I just lacked a setting to put my characters in. I wanted one I could call my own. The Tavern belonged or belongs to everyone, so my personal crew of characters needed a unique place to call their own. (Though I would love to put any fellow Taverners in at least cameos. ^.^) Idea number one, a rock band! I had a family of dinosuars and their manager, Daisy Mae. Then I came to work at a pet store and odddly because of that got a chance to be put in print. Print! As you can tell, I was kind of happy about it. It was a shopping center newspaper but hey, being published is being published. Even with no pay, it was great. Because it was the paper of the shopping center the pet store is in, I threw in a store into my setting. A store for supervillains and band merchandise of course. Sadly, for me, the paper needed the space my free comic was taking up for ads that were actually paid for. A little trimming afterward to simplify the comic setting and here we are or I am with humongous thank you to Comic Genesis/Keenspace for existing and provding me a place put my comic.

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