Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

*Updates One Sunday A Month*

Daisy Mae Related Art

This is all stuff that came about either in production of Daisy Mae or from the process of developing it.

The main background for the one and only Daisy Mae's Bazaar animated short. That is the only one so far. I vow there shall be more.
Another background from the same Daisy Mae's Bazaar animated short. It's an alright establishing shot but I have since decided that the store has no one single outside. One of those multidimensional quirks where the store has a different outside for dimension the entrance is on. Putting the Bazaar on some multidimensional nexus space of its own lets me have any future cameo I could want. A detail a gag strip probably doesn't need but I like putting them in anyway. ^.^
The swimsuit portion of Daisy Mae's entry into Miss ComicGenesis 2006.
This is one picture I did not do all the art in it, like the little corner logo that says "The Regulars # 1". Didn't put it on there either, I did assemble all the rest of the pictures into the shards of a broken mirror. It was a collective effort, anyone who wanted to put up art to beputon the cover, even me (that besides combin all the pictures into the one cover. It's the cover of a comic we tried to pull off toward the end of Arlecchina's Tavern. Sadly, we did not quite pull it off to completion.
This here happens to be the picture I did for the comic cover. See..that there is the shadow of a character named Raven and that pink thing his favorite Scythe, formerly covered in spines and nasty looking before Daisy Mae got her decorating talents on it.
Another picture I did back in my Arlecchina's Tavern days, where I came up with the idea of an Undeath Ray for Daisy Mae (then known as Dottie or Dotsy) to use against all the vampire demons she was surrounded by. She never got to use it.
The very first concept sketch for Daisy Mae.
Daisy Mae's formal wear for the Miss ComicGenesis 2006.
It's Lulu, the local conspiracy guru in the Saurid family. I'm kinda proud of this one if only for the fact I pulled it off with only a mouse and the most primitive of drawing programs...again back in my Arlecchina's Tavern days. Didn't even have a scanner back then.
Mikkayla is the super genious of the Saurid family and either makes or modifies much of the Bazaar's merchandise for Daisy Mae. This is one of my my early experiments with coloring the Bazaar's inmates with watercolor pencils. Even now, it's still my favorite look.
Moki's deepest desire is to be a real supervillain. At least he already has luck and karma of one already. Another picture from the same era and means as Lulu's up there. Either Moki isn't very aware in the mornings or very little phases him anymore.
Once upon a time, the comic focused more on the Saurid family rock band, PaperClip Spirals and gained its name from that. This was a title page I made up for it while experimenting on how to get the torn paper look.
Vote for Daisy Mae! If you know what's good for ya.
The swimsuit portion of Daisy Mae's entry into Miss ComicGenesis 2007.
Daisy Mae's formal wear for the Miss ComicGenesis 2007.

Other Art Stuff I've Done

This is stuff I've done, not really related to Daisy Mae. Hopefully it's still cool stuff. If not, I'm just going to pretend it is and put it here anyway.

Yes, I loved the Powerpuff Girls. Still do, among many other cartoons! ^.^ Once upon a time I conceptualized and storyboarded my own episode. Too bad they didn't take outside stuff. Bambi was "The Rowdyruff Puff"
More PPG fan art.
My first attempt at a Genchan. Perhaps there will be another some day.
Experiment into Anime/Manga.
A sketch of a bunny. I like bunnies.
Sign/Logo I did for a local pet store...that I happen to work at.
Another Sign/Logo I did, this one for a local store dedicated to wild bird feeders, the stuff to put in the feeders for the wild birds to eat and the stuff to keep the squirrels from getting the stuff you put in the feeders for the wild birds to eat.

Fan Art

This space is reserved in case of some glorious day upon which I will attain my first piece of fan art. A comic artist can dream at least.

Animated Stuff

The first and only animated short for Daisy Mae's Bazaar so far. More to come. Maybe one day I'll even have more than just myself to crew for the shorts. ^.^

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