Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

*Updates One Sunday A Month*

Clarence T. Koww

Clarence T. Koww

Clarence is but a stuffed animal, a steer to be precise. He has a rubber bladder inside that makes him moo when squeezed. Lulu claims to understand understand exactly what he is saying when someone does squeeze him. No one knows who he belongs to nor how he happens to just..show up. He may only be an inanimate object but don't let him fool you for a second. At least if you listen to Lulu further, Clarence is a secret agent for the Bovine Underground. Also according to Lulu, the Bovine Underground is one of those supersecret organizations you're not supposed to "know" about. It's rumored to be focused on organizing the biggest, best parties, blowouts and hootananies around but for bovine-kind only. Clarence, beloved childhood toy or secret agent for a clandestine bovine party organization? You decide. The fact remains, Clarence, does happen to be one of the Bazaar's best customers.

Close Associates

Lulu Saurid - His "interpreter"
Daisy Mae Fox - On her V.I.P. Customer list

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