Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

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Daisy Mae Fox

Daisy Mae Fox

Daisy Mae is a former silent cartoon star first drawn back in 1917. The star's now obscure career came to an end when the movie studio she worked for, Four Star Pictures, went bankrupt in the late 1920's sometime after the first talkies came out. The stock market crash and beginning of the Grat Depression was the final nail in the coffin of Four Star Pictures and Daisy Mae's career. The next 70 years were not so easy for her. She tried getting work with other studios but they all already had their rising stars and a zany female character with no male counterpart had no place among them. She even adapted by getting herself a voice, but the studio big whigs were not impressed, so she said good bye to the movie biz forever and struck out on her own. And boy did she strike out....angain and again...and again. Years went by adn Daisy Mae was barely a footnote in the history of animated cartoons. When cartoons went to color, she saw nor had any reason to join them and to this day she refuses to colorize herself. She could have slipped away into total obscurity, but she scraped by in menial jobs until she was a sepiatone Toon in a High-Definition world. Some might feel sorry for her, but over the years she had grown into a very shrewd buisnessvixen and found herself a rock band to manage and the capital to open up her own store. Not just any store, but the Bazaar, where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING imaginable could be found for sale, if you know where to look. Daisy Mae decided to cater to the superhero/supervillian crowd and her profits skyrocketed. Now the rock band on the other hand, a family of cartoon dinosaurs, it fizzled out, but she at least gained good friends and live-in employees at the Bazaar out of it.

Close Associates

Lulu Saurid - Friend & Employee
Mason Saurid - Friend & Employee
Mikkayla Saurid - Friend & Employee
Moki Saurid - Friend & Employee
Cloud Saurid - Her Store Mascot
Clarence T. Koww - V.I.P Customer

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