Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

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Moki Saurid

Moki Saurid

Moki (prounounced, "Moe-key"), a cartoon triceratops, he is the big brother and eldest of the Saurid siblings (cousin included). He is also the hard luck case of the family, but still a nice guy. Oddly, that's what does not ike about himself, because he fancies himself an aspiring supervilain. The fact is despite his illluck, he is just too nice a guy to be Evil. His family, especially Lulu, love to kid him about it. With unshakeable dreams of world domination and diabolical schemes dancing in his head, Moki keeps planning, plotting for someday when he will show them all. One day when he will prove just how Evil he really is. A short-attention span masks his otherwise bright mind and contributes to certain oversights on his part. In PaperClip Spirals, he was the drummer, another thing he is better at than being Evil. That's Evil with a capital E, the mustache twirling, cackling, mad genius kind of Evil. Now, he can't build gadgets like Mikkayla can, but he CAN plot. Plotting is not his problem, overcoming his lack of confidence and ill luck is.

Close Associates

Lulu Saurid - Little Sister
Mason Saurid - Little Brother
Mikkayla Saurid - Cousin
Cloud Saurid - Family Pet
Daisy Mae Fox - Friend & Employer

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