Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

*Updates One Sunday A Month*


Cloud Saurid

Cloud is...a cloud, but a cartoon one. He is the Saurid family pet and a store mascot for the Bazaar. Cloud enjoys being taken for walks, silver iodide cloud biscuits, playing tug of war and fetch. The usual pet stuff. The heroic and villainous clientele often learn that Cloud does not always like to be pet by strangers, and since his lightning strike is worse than his thunder they learn it the hard way. The sad thing is, Cloud may also be the most level headed in the bunch and he can't even talk.

Close Associates

Moki Saurid - Owner #1
Lulu Saurid - Owner #2
Mason Saurid - Owner #3
Mikkayla Saurid - Owner #4

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