Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

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Lulu Saurid

Lulu Saurid

Lulu is one half of the Saurid twins, Mason being her twin brother. Both of them are cartoon tyrannosaurs. Always wearing a colander on her head to protect her mind for alien and government intrusion, some would say she is a conspiracy theory nut; she will tel you she is an informed citizen and connoisseur of the truth that is out there. There is little that escapes her attention and that she does not imediately have her own peronsal theories about. She rejects many of the more popular conspiracy theories and subitutes her own. Lulu has other skills too, like singing lead in her family's former rock band. It was fun for her, but her creavity and overactive imagination tend toward more literary pursuits. Lulu reads everything she can get her hands on, even if most of it revolves around UFO's.

Close Associates

Mason Saurid - Twin Brother
Mikkayla Saurid - Cousin
Moki Saurid - Big Brother
Cloud Saurid - Family Pet
Daisy Mae Fox - Friend & Employer

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