Daisy Mae's Bazaar

by Michael Powers

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Mason Saurid

Mason Saurid

Mason is a cartoon tyrannosaur and the other Saurid twin. He is the only real musician in the family, having been the bass guitarist for the family rock band, PaperClip Spirals. Outside of his shifts working at the Bazaar, he still fills in at gigs for other bands as a bass guitarist. The family band was his idea and he managed to get everyone enthused about it to give it a run. Alas, Mason was the only one in it for the long run. The twins' older brother, Moki, their cousin, Mikkayla and even Lulu, all had other passions that drew their time and attention away. Mas is too serious of a musician to just give up his dream, he even wears his guitar eveywhere he goes. If it relates to music Mason knows it, breathes it, eats it and dreams it. Smart and dedicated, once Mason comits himself to something, it's very hard to deter him to any other course. For example, in the pursuit of rhyming lyrics he has dedicated himself to finding better ways of pronouncing words and sometimes sounds like he speaks his own language.

Close Associates

Lulu Saurid - Twin Sister
Mikkayla Saurid - Cousin
Moki Saurid - Big Brother
Cloud Saurid - Family Pet
Daisy Mae Fox - Friend & Employer

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